• The Navy prepared this analysis to update the Gulf of Alaska (GOA) Navy Training Activities Final EIS/OEIS (referred to as the 2011 GOA Final EIS/OEIS), which was completed with community input in May 2011. In the Supplemental EIS/OEIS, the Navy re-evaluated potential impacts from ongoing military training activities conducted in the Temporary Maritime Activities Area, or TMAA.
  • In the Supplemental EIS/OEIS, the Navy used a new acoustic modeling method (the Navy Acoustic Effects Model (NAEMO)) and evaluated new, relevant information, such as new marine mammal density data and new scientific information, and updated environmental analyses as appropriate.
  • This Supplemental EIS/OEIS supports authorization of incidental takes of marine mammals under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and incidental takes of threatened and endangered marine species under the Endangered Species Act. Current federal regulatory permits and authorizations expired in May 2016.
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